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Full Moon Online Journey/Workshop

Friday 6-21-24 Online: Zoom 6pm-7:30pm

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Service Description

Deep dive into self through guided journeys, journaling, sharing, and body movements. The Full Moon is a time of fruition, maturation, revealing truths, and magic, to say the least. Working with the powerful energy of the Full Moon is an ancient practice and was once a customary community ritual and ceremony. But, the healing and the work humanity need to do, was never meant to be done in solitude, silence, and separate from others. This is why I’m offering this space, let’s commune in a sacred circle together, let’s do this work together, let’s heal ourselves and humanity together. We flow through pathways of inner knowing to access wisdom, answers, healing, and guidance centered around whatever expression of our deepest wounds. We do this with curiosity and wonder for all the things that arise for healing. Through acknowledgment, free will, choice, alchemy, and intention, we can create energetic shifts and openings, greater conscious awareness, and connection to spirit, one another, and nature. Schedule 6:00 welcome 6:20 opening of the circle 6:30 What’s coming up, being revealed, and/or illuminated by the moon for healing, release, and integration 7:00 utilizing the elements for alchemization 7:30 body practices for integration and release 7:45 Gratitude, honoring, and closing of the circle 8:00 saying goodbye for now How to prepare and what you need Prepare a sacred space- you need a place to sit and/or lay down during guided meditation. So a mat or blanket and pillows or a chair you can sit up straight in with feet on the floor. Create an altar of sorts if you don’t already have one. It can be as simple as a rock or crystal, a candle, a cup of water, salt, and a flower/herb/sage/pinecone/leaf/feather on a bit of a piece of cloth. Have a journal for writing or drawing, pens, pencils, or writing utensils of your choice. Water or tea for drinking/hydration A bowl of water to be discarded and a bowl of water to be ingested.

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2815 Pearl Street, Eugene, OR, USA

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