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Navigating in Woods


Are you looking to embark on a self-love journey of awakening and self-discovery? Lela Sky is here to provide the intuitive guidance and support you need to feel safe, connected and empowered! With energy healing and intuitive guidance, you'll find the path that suits you best for your highest good right now. Nobody said it would be easy, but doing your healing work is rewarding, transformative and deeply fulfilling. Welcome- to anyone who is struggling to make sense of their awakening journey, in need of support for clearing, cleansing, and energy body sovereignty. Welcome- folks who need help seeing in the dark of shadow work or fear what's in the shadow work side. Welcome- People who need support during life changes and transitions. welcome- dear lightworkers, starseeds, healers, intuitives, empaths, and seeking souls, we do this together.



I recently had an energy healing appointment with Lela and I cannot stress enough how great it was!!!! Seriously! From the very beginning of the appointment Lela made me feel so welcomed and comfortable and I didn’t feel insecure at all even though I am new to my spiritual journey. She walked me through everything she was doing and made me feel like I could trust her throughout the entire process. If you need any spiritual services then look no further than Lela! I can assure you that you will be in great hands
I experienced a very powerful energy reading with Lela. She put me at ease through guided meditation, really evaluated and connected to my energy sources and guided me in the direction of some really important energy work I can meditate on in the coming weeks. I walked away in a very peaceful and positive space even after processing some seriously intense emotional energy work.
Thank you, Lela!!
My remote healing was exactly I needed for my well being and I’m ready for my next session. Because she recorded a video of what happened in the session, I loved that I was able to pop my headphones in while at work, in the night when I couldn’t sleep, or in the car to really listen and take in what Lela had advised for my spiritual journey. Oh and she was right on point. I can truly say she has some physic abilities. things I was in search of came full circle learning about my spirit and my guides.
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