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  • Energy Healing

  • Intuitive guidance and shamanic practices

  • Licensed Massage Therapy LMT #27930 


BIPOC pricing available upon request. Message me.

all of the following services are priced as paid at the time of service discount


MVA Motor Vehicle Accident insurance billing 

Are you looking to embark on a self-love journey of awakening and self-discovery? Lela Sky is here to provide the intuitive guidance and support your need to feel safe, connected and empowered! With energy healing and intuitive guidance, you'll find the path that suits you best for your highest good right now. Nobody said it would be easy, but doing your healing work is rewarding, transformative and deeply fulfilling. Welcome- to anyone who is struggling to make sense of their awakening journey, in need of support for clearing, cleansing, and energy body sovereignty. Welcome- folks who need help seeing in the dark of shadow work or fear what's in the shadow work side. Welcome- People who need support during life changes and transitions. welcome- dear lightworkers, starseeds, healers, intuitives, empaths, and seeking souls, we do this together.

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