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I experienced a very powerful energy reading with Lela. She put me at ease through guided meditation, really evaluated and connected to my energy sources and guided me in the direction of some really important energy work I can meditate on in the coming weeks. I walked away in a very peaceful and positive space even after processing some seriously intense emotional energy work.


Thank you, Lela!!

I recently had an energy healing appointment with Lela and I cannot stress enough how great it was!!!! Seriously! From the very beginning of the appointment Lela made me feel so welcomed and comfortable and I didn’t feel insecure at all even though I am new to my spiritual journey. She walked me through everything she was doing and made me feel like I could trust her throughout the entire process. If you need any spiritual services then look no further than Lela! I can assure you that you will be in great hands 🏽 

My remote healing was exactly I needed for my well being and I’m ready for my next session. Because she recorded a video of what happened in the session, I loved that I was able to pop my headphones in while at work, in the night when I couldn’t sleep, or in the car to really listen and take in what Lela had advised for my spiritual journey. Oh and she was right on point. I can truly say she has some physic abilities. things I was in search of came full circle learning about my spirit and my guides.

I went in for a 90-minute massage with Lela with an incredibly tight neck and shoulders (mostly from carrying around a 9-month old), and she worked magic on me. I had less pain over the next week than I've experienced in months. It was really obvious that Lela does other kinds of breath / body work because when I started to tense up it felt like she was guiding me to relax with her own deep breathing. Plus, she is located in the building of an amazing local organization (Black Cultural Initiative) and has accessible pricing. I'll definitely be back!

LelaSky is a gifted shamanic healer, guide, massage therapist, energy worker, and - and - . I feel the deepest gratitude for the energy and labor she invests in her work in the community and the world.


I have had the privilege of receiving channeling, Shamanic healing, energy work and massage therapy from Lela. Her healing presence and her work is powerful. She embodies so many gifts and skills, accessing whatever is needed as the sessions proceed. I have felt completely safe and protected with her, trusting that I can feel into my own vulnerability in order to have support with my deepest healing.

I just experienced an incredibly profound connection and massage/soul therapy session with the amazing and talented Lela Ross. If you like exploring the intersections between modalities of body/mind awareness, I would strongly suggest making an appointment with her!

Some people are taught healing techniques. Some people are true healers. You are a true healer. My back hasn't felt this GREAT in a long time. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Thank you so much for the massage. My knee didn't hurt for the rest of the day and I know it was because of you. also the cranial sacral was AMAZING and I felt like you moved some energy while you were doing. Not sure if that was intentional but I felt a very distinct shift as you were doing it. Feeling uplifted and more connected to self than I have been. Thank you Can't wait for our next massage!!

I feel that I am more easily able to feel what my body is feeling which is helping me to integrate lessons more readily. Thank you for the increased flow!

It was a pleasure getting to be in a powerful and intimate space with you. I look forward to time that we will spend together in the future.

"Our session was such a powerful exit and simultaneous entrance into new fractals of beautiful emerging reality'

Divine and powerful healer. Healing the spiritual and feminine. Lela did some sacred healing around my reproductive system, spiritual wellness and more. She is gentle yet strong and mindful in her massage techniques. An amazing integrated healing session.

That work we did created a major shift for me .And my hip is doing better. It was a VERY powerful session. Thank you so much

(Name) was so blown away by his session with you-- his pain left him (and then came back, which really made clear to him what triggers it-- he plans on emailing you about it)! From my perspective, he is SO different post-session. He is more relaxed in the world than I've ever seen him-- his wounded feminine as victim seems to be gone.

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