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Thank you!

I am so grateful for all my returning and new clients. Thank you for being here! Please leave me a review if you can, its beyond helpful.

Intuitive guidance, energy healing & Massage therapy
Cash at the time of service always preferred! but not required, I take multiple forms of payment.


Transformation is not easy, initiation, albeit an honor, is simultaneously challenging and isolating, working through the shadow of our inner Wolds can be scary, difficult and overwhelming. Having a guide to navigate is of great value, importance, and is crucial for pivotal points in our healing journey and our general experience of life embodied. 

my goal is to give you practical, applicable, tangible, and embodied, experiences, methods and practices for use in daily life.

Its an honor to support, coach, teach, and empower people to confidently remember the truth of who they are, connect with and discover their own internal resources for healing, actualize their life purpose and soul destiny, cultivate unconditional love, passion and purpose for themselves, their loved one, the land, their ancestors, and for the collective. 

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