Image by Magic Bowls

Lela Ross is the owner of Lelasky LLC providing healing services and handmade products in Eugene, Oregon. Lela brings her ancestral and cultural lineage and lens, to her healing practice and in the creation of her products. She is inspired by and guided by Mother Earth Gaia, mother nature, her helping spirits team, ancestors, and the magic of alchemy and ultimately the source of all creation. Lela seeks to be a clear and effective conduit/channel of the divine unconditional love of source/spirit,  while also applying practical and tangible methods to cultivate, support and inspire people to find their own empowered sources for self healing, self love and for the collective. 


Lela is also the current president of a local non-profit called H.O.N.E.Y inc (Honoring Our New Ethnic Youth) www.honeynonprofit.org  H.O.N.E.Y. Inc. (Honoring Our New Ethnic Youth) seeks to co-create a unified community of empowered multi-racial and multi-ethnic youth, families and persons. H.O.N.E.Y. strives to build pride, self-confidence, and awareness in each one’s identity in a safe space. 


Currently, Lela is also an employee of the Lane Education Service District as “student success navigator” she works, along with many others to dismantle structural racism, organize strategically, relationally, and sustainably, to promote awakening capacity, to empower youth and community.

This work includes but is not limited to, energy healing, channeling, mediumship, guidance and spiritual life coaching.


I am so grateful and thankful for all of the amazing healers of all modalities, teachers, astrologists, coaches/mentors and psychic channelers, that I have gone to, seen, experienced, and learned from over the last eight years. Without them I would not be here with you in this way today.

The unfolding of your journey requires different healings and teachings, at different times, for specific reasons. Things I have studied, learned and experience include, but are not limited to shamanic apprenticeships, energy healing, channeling and psychic insights and intuitive downloads, toning and light language. I consider myself a lifelong learner and enjoy the process of adding tools, resources and methods to utilize for the service.