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Image by Magic Bowls

Lela Ross is the owner of Lela Sky LLC, offering intuitive healing sessions, intuitive life coaching, online classes, Yoga classes, guided meditations, rituals and ceremonies, public speaking and retreats, online and in person, in Eugene, Oregon. And she creates handmade small batch soy wax candles, Whipped body butters, essential oil vibe sprays and more healing products and gifts.

Lela has studied universal shamanism, energy healing, alchemical healing, ancestral healing, grief rituals, sacred space holding, and Equity and inclusion work, in depth for the last 7+ years. She brings her ancestral and cultural lineage, to her healing practices and in the creation of her products. while also applying practical and tangible methods and practices to cultivate, support and empower people to confidently remember, connect with and  discover their own  internal resources for healing, actualization, love, passion and purpose for themselves, their loved one, the land, their ancestors, and for the collective. 


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