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In Depth Description About My Services

  • My spirituality and foundation for everything, is rooted in the ancient and magnificent practice of Shamanism, not just as a healing practice but also a daily practice and way of life. I have spent the last 7 yrs learning from, healing with, and studying shamanism. 

  • Energy work, this is the clearing, healing, and rejuvenation (and protection when needed) of your energy bodies, this is done with virtually no touch, or very little light placing of hands on your head or back.

  • Channeled advice and messages relevant to our conversation and your session. Throughout the session messages specific to you will come through from spirit, your helping spirits and guides will share with mine. Also through the shamanic work messages will come in. Along these same lines some “spiritual life coaching” may be available if you are ready and willing to hear it. Be aware that these messages come across as pure and sometimes piercing truth. It is my helping spirits goal to share only that which is helpful for you at this time.

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Healing Sessions

  • In person or zoom Eugene, OR

  • Healing Session 90min $111 

  • Healing session 60min $80

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The soul retrieval

  • If you are alive you’ve experienced soul loss, to clarify soul loss is the separation of a piece of yourself that is unable to withstand some trauma you have experienced. This could be any trauma, from being yelled at as a small child, to a car accident, it is truly endless the amount of times we have had to dissociate in order to “survive”. The invitation here involves coming home, coming back to self, for living a life of wholeness, to be reunited with all parts of yourself.

  • To be crystal clear, soul loss does not include the entirety of your soul, it is referring to a part of your soul self, the size depends on your individual circumstances. In western medicine/therapy we think of this healing modality as the first step to healing and fully processing trauma. 

  • How a soul retrieval is done will be explained in detail at your session. 

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Power retrieval

  • Power loss occurs when you lose your personal power. Personal Power is the internal confidence that allows you influence and control the different aspects of your life. You can tell that you have lost your personal power when you start to feel a lack of energy, feeling mentally and physically unbalanced, and feeling powerless in your daily life. The feeling of being powerless can also lead to depression, anxiety, and stress which can have a huge impact on your life and lead to you feeling even more powerless.

  • Shamanic Power Retrieval is a healing technique used to retrieve your personal power, sometimes this is also referred to as Power Restoration. This is the key to finding your inner confidence and creating a healthy self-image.

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Spiritual life coach and Channeling packages

  • Choose between: Work on a core issue, make a life change, learn, practice and integrate spiritual practices into your life.

  • Can include but not limited to, guided meditation, journeys, energy healing, channeled information, simple tasks and exercises, movement (dance, moving meditation, exercise), subconscious reprogramming.

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