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Full moon explorations

What does it mean to you, to be open to receiving?

Where in your body do you feel resistance, discomfort, or repulsion to being open enough to receive?

What narratives, stories, and beliefs arise around receiving? Are they serving you any longer?

What happens when you relinquish the endless pushing against, the tiring and exhausting swimming up river, and what would it be like to let go and receive what the flow of the river is offering?

What are the parts of self that have been desperately and strategically holding on, blocking, building walls against, protecting you, create barriers, controlling the narratives, and keeping the door to receiving indefinitely closed, locked and sealed shut? No bad parts, it can be helpful though to understand when the protective parts are no longer serving us.

This is yet a small dose of available inquiries one could deep dive into during the full moon Pisces.

Suggestions for working with what you may uncover: everything is just suggestions, take it, leave it, change it, adapt it, the best ritual is the easiest and most accessible to actually do it!!!

Set the stage, mood, and intentions by doing whatever you feel called to change the environment from “normal” to intentional, by lighting a candle, burning incense, changing the lighting, being by or setting up a full moon altar, or getting outside of your comfort zone completely and going outside in nature. Whatever feels the easiest for you…. This doesn’t have to be hard, fancy or extra in any way..

Take each question as a rabbit hole of self discovery, go as an adventurer, or discoverer of your own inner landscapes. Bring your tools, and backpack to fill with nuggets of wisdom, guidance and information. Go with the intention to uncover, reveal, or see things with a new perspective.

Laydown on your back, and breathe for as long as you need to. Ask yourself the questions, one at a time. Starting with the first question.

Suspend judgment, observe, be curious, listen as you would if you were holding space for a best friend, and let the stream of thoughts, feelings and emotions wash over you, into you, and through you..

When you feel complete with the first question. Sit up and record your experience. I like to use voice recording, journal writing, drawing and sometimes I just write words that jump out at me. Do whatever feels like captures the experience best and easiest for you.

Repeat with each question. And allow other lines of questions or subsequent pathways to take you to exactly where you need to go… these are just prompts, activators, and sparks for you to expand on in any way you see fit.

Alternatively to laying down in a more meditative state, you could also do a movement somatic exploration with the questions….

Lets ask the moon, venus, the element of water, Quan Yin, Isis, Yemanya to show you, teach you, guide you, and bless you along the journey…. In fact, I highly recommend it.

Once you feel complete with the prompts, compile a list of what no longer serves you and your highest good at this time in your life. And create a release ritual using one of the elements to support you. Fire: burn the list for example. However you decide to release what’s no longer serving you, just know it's all about your intentions, you have the power within you, and the act of doing the ritual is what makes it powerful and effective. No matter how seemingly small, simple and uneventful, conversely go all out, make it a big deal, put on a show for yourself and spirit… It can go both ways. Key ingredients (not limited to), a sense of humor, tears of grief and tears of relief and joy, and intention.

Physical embodiment and integration suggestions:

Slow sensual, somatic, hip rolling

Fully body bouncing, lose limbs, muscles relaxed everything bounces

Meridian channel stimulation, tap with loose fist down/up the inner, mid, and outer lines of each limb, abdomen and torso, don’t overthink it, just stimulate your nervous system by tapping all over your body, if you feel overly down regulated or need to clear out your energy bodies of stagnant energy.

Dance, stretch, sway, breath.

Eat sensory pleasing foods and warming drinks.

Take a bath if you need calming, take a shower if you need uplifting.

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