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Healing session integration!

helpful tips, experiences, and common things to notice about the integration period after having a healing session.

The integration period after a session (not an exhaustive list just a few suggestions to support the integration process, use your discernment, and your own intuition and wisdom to work with your own unique integration process)

After receiving a session there is a timeframe for receiving the messages, energy shifts, clearing and cleansing that can happen during a session. The more active you can be in, consciously and intentionally integrating after a session, the more potent, empowered, and useful the session can be in your spiritual and healing journey. That being said, there is no timeframe or linear timeline of integration nor should you feel rushed to have it all perfectly figured out and implemented successfully. Some of the healing available in a session doesn’t appear, or crack open, or is even recognized until later, when you are ready. Meaning the session could continue to reveal itself on your spiritual/healing journey for many years to come. In my own experience, when receiving a healing session, some of the messages or information didn’t fully bloom or become revealed in how they worked in my life until much later. Not to say that the sessions aren’t potent, powerful, healing and transformative in the moment and during the integration period. Rather, that much more can continue to unfold, many more gifts can be revealed, and the healing journey is a spiral of infinite layers. So in other words, a session can be the gift that keeps on giving. Equally as possible, you are able to receive it all and integrate fairly quickly and are ready to continue working, so you might be called to schedule successive sessions closer together. You are the authority on your own healing journey, so the scheduling of sessions is up to you.

I recommend three sessions to start. This seems to be a good amount for at least the most effective overall experience. The sessions schedule again is up to you, your integration process, and divine right timing. I would estimate that on average for an ongoing client three times a year in general would be a good average for continuing and deepening the work. And/or attending the workshops and classes that address common things we are all working on and learning. Again just a general suggestion, everything can be on a case to case basis.

Please resist the urge to “check boxes”, have everything figured out or have a timeline for integration. Do: take time and space to listen (to your, body, mind, soul, helping spirits) rest when called to, write when called to, document your experience when called to, move your body when called to, go out in nature when called to, play, laugh, dance, sing, nap and read when called to.

Do: take your given “homework” seriously, “homework” in this case is defined as a given daily practice, affirmations, mirror work, anything during your session where I say you can do this anytime, not just here, or anything else that’s explicitly suggested as something to try, do or implement.

Adding or subtracting anything to our daily routines is challenging, doing your “homework’ isn't necessarily an easy task, yet it is a part of the integration period. And it is highly recommended to try your very best to do it. figuring out logistically how it fits into your life, setting yourself up to implement it, asking questions and studying, reading, and researching are ways to help support this part of integration, this is easier said than done, and that’s ok. It is normal if you feel a bit overwhelmed by the task of trying to implement something new. Be mindful and gentle on yourself. I’m not for adding more productivity, or tasks to the list, and therefore part of this process may be about letting go of things, habits, beliefs, that no longer serve and that take up the space we need to implement something more helpful, healthful and supportive to our lives.

It can take some time to really allow for this part of the integration process to fully bloom into our life, for example it could take 3 weeks, 9 months or two years, to let go of some things and add something new. This is totally normal and totally ok. It's also ok and normal if you implement it right away and start adapting it to suit your needs. I encourage you to experiment, play with, and have fun adapting “homework" to be one of the most supportive things in your life that brings connection, depth, and ease to your daily life. The idea is that what was “homework” becomes habits and spiritual practices you look forward to and enjoy, that provide support, clarity, centeredness, grounding, and nervous system regulation.

No need to stress or worry about being judged or criticized about how, when, or if you end up doing it at all. I am not attached to, nor am I keeping track of, your homework or its implementation. And nobody else is either.

I do however empathize with you, that it can be challenging to do it. And it is ultimately a huge help and support for your healing and spiritual journey. From personal experience, things changed for the better when I finally listened to my helping spirit's guidance and actually implemented the homework given to me. And sometimes it took me a very long time to do this. In the past I have been resistant, rebellious, stubborn, and down right a pain in the ass when it came to all of this stuff, but that was the journey I needed to go on to arrive at my current destination. Hindsight I would have been a little more cooperative, particularly when it comes to “homework”, but honestly I had so much self healing to do I was incapable of being more open, accepting, and cooperative; I wasn't always in the position to be able to do my given “homework”, all I’m saying is that it’s all ok, and now that I am more able and have had more practice, if given “homework” I implement sooner than I used to.

Look into and research any suggestions given on herbs, teas, foods, supplements, or any other recommendations given during your session, using your own medical history and discernment before taking or adding anything to your regiment, but at least look into it. I’m not a medical professional and none of this or anything in a session is medical advice, do not change any of your prescribed medications, without medical help from your medical professionals.

Sometimes there will be recommendations for things to get or use in your life/home, for example bouquets of flowers, certain rocks or crystals, or wearing a certain color might all be suggested during a session, not just for beauty or fun, but if its suggested it's appropriate to assume it's for your highest good and can support, expand and be a catalyst for your journey. I recommend following through with the suggestions, IF you can. If you can’t, then don’t worry or stress about it all, you can imagine it, and embody the feeling of it. This is effective and sufficient, it's taking the time and space to integrate the feeling of it, that’s important.

Do: voice record and/or write down what happened in your session as soon as possible. I recommend recording your session on your phone, if you have enough storage, and listening to it at least three times to capture all the information, and to be reminded of the subtle energy body work that happened, and to write down things that you were thinking and feeling in certain moments.

Do: somatic practices for integration, any fortifying physical body movement practices will be great for integrating your session. Shaking, bouncing, sighing, yawning, groaning, moaning are encouraged; Tai chi, Qi gong, yoga, dance, walking, running, any games or sports, or anything that moves your body. Bringing an intention to integrate the session is sufficient but you can embellish the practice however you feel called, no limits.

Integration is practicing mindfulness. Using the power of attention and awareness to notice things. Taking note of, and recognizing anything that seems interesting. Observing rather than judging, criticizing or even praising. Using mindfulness practices (conscious: breathing, walking, and eating, body scanning and check ins) to help integration is effective, informative and empowering.

Prompts for mindfulness: Compassionate observation.

These are not necessarily linked to your healing session. These are general mindfulness prompts that can apply to anyone and everyone, who wants to practice mindfulness. Nor is this an exhaustive list.

How interesting….

I’m noticing: this feeling in my body; this emotional reaction; my thoughts and feeling anxious, I can’t identify any feeling or emotions, ect

I’m curious about…

Tell me more about…

My nervous system is having a reaction, what do I need to do next?

Trigger warning, paying attention, can be really activating, and dysregulating, what tools and resources can I use to support myself?

How can I hold space for myself? in a way that feels supportive?

In Conclusion, all I really want you to know is that there is an integration period after a session. You can integrate naturally without any of the above suggestions. You can honestly do whatever you want. I am not trying to tell you what to do, how to feel, or how to integrate. I felt called to write this, as it might be helpful to share this for some. I've personally experienced all of the above and learned trends with integration based on my firsthand experience with serving my clients. My hope is that this is in some way helpful. If you have more questions or any other topics you would like to hear more about please let me know. I’d love to be able to make videos, podcasts or write articles that serve you on your spiritual and healing journey. Much love and many blessings on your journey.

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