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New Year gifts, energy healing, for my amazing and wonderful clients! and newsletter.

Lets start with the goods, enter this code Newyear24 for $15 off your next energy healing session, Massage therapy and/or Intuitive guidance session (including integrated sessions) for all my returning clients. Enter the code Newyear24 at check out for any sessions booked in January, February, and until Spring Equinox.

If you have been generous enough to leave me a google review, my gift to you is $20 off your next energy healing, massage therapy and/or intuitive guidance session (including integrated sessions). And if you haven't yet, its not too late, just use the link below to share your thoughts and experience. That would be so helpful and appreciated.

Use the code Energyhealing24 to receive your gift, which is a small token of my deepest gratitude and appreciation for you!

Available to use one per customer, you have until the end of January to use the discount codes, but you can book through the winter season.


If you know you want to be on my schedule on any kind of a regular or reoccurring basis, I highly recommend pre booking your sessions, one benefit is you don't have to pay ahead of time to do that. It helps everyone plan ahead. If you want me to book you for reoccurring time slot and day I am happy to set that up for you, you can do once a month, twice a month (every other week) and weekly.

Insurance won't be available in network, however I will be billing some insurance companies out of network soon. And I can accept Motor Vehicle Accident insurance.

My heart is full and overflowing with awe, humbleness, and appreciation for all of you. I wouldn't be here right now with out you. That's truth. Thank you so much for your support in all the ways. If I learned nothing else this past year, my lessons were all about being open to receiving help, love and support. I can't believe how difficult it felt to break, unravel and rid myself of a long standing ancestral curse. Long story. Short. I am grateful and stoked to be taking valuable lessons, wisdom, and a new level of internal freedom into the New Year. Personally this is going to be Boss year! and I'll be dancing my way through embracing it. May you be blessed in all ways this New Year.

Gratitude of the year and thought/feeling prompts for your exploration and energy healing, in honor of the New Year:

Mother Earth Gaia is my source and provider.

Mother Earth Gaia is My nurturer, my mentor, my support, my guidance, my healer, my savior, my inspiration, my friend, my divine mother.

Everything has meaning and purpose; everything is imbued with spirit…

How do you enjoy honoring the spirit in yourself and in all things?

Where have you found purpose and meaning in your life, in the most unexpected places and ways?

Everything you need you already have..

Everything you want already exists inside of you..

All that you seek is seeking you...

You're the one you’ve been waiting for...

Free the mind programs, question prompts:

What if there was nothing wrong with you? 

Who would you be? 

What would you like to experience?

What new possibilities are available to you?

Where would you go?

What would you create?

With whom would you spend your time and in what ways?

What would be your new definition of success?

How would you tend to your mind, body, soul, emotions, energetics?

Ground into and anchor your spiritual practices for 2024 prompts:

Create, write, recite out loud with passion, feeling, emotional and devotion your 2024 prayer... and share it with someone(s) use at least twice a day!

Write your "I AM Grateful for" affirmations for 2024, use the present moment to manifest by using gratitude for what you want to experience more of in your life. Commit to reciting daily, I recommend recording it on your phone and listening to it at least once a day. "I am grateful for all the amazing clients that have been naturally and easily attracted to my work and that my practice is full and thriving."

Consciously breath! choose one easy and short breath practice and do it at least once per day.

"You can't make this shit up" Lela Sky in reference to the endless and daily magic, synchronicities, blessings and love each day presents.

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